An integrative approach

Firstly I am a Person-Centred Counsellor who believes that the client leads the process. Secondly, through my extensive training, I am able to weave other modalities into the matrix if that is the approach that is needed. This is always something that myself and you will discuss firstly at all times. Your well-being and safety are my utmost concern when you come to therapy and as a team, we will endeavour to work through whatever issues you decide to bring into the room. I operate a strict confidentiality practice as set out by the guidelines of the relevant bodies to which I am a member. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that whatever is discussed in the room stays in the room. There are instances of where this confidentiality may be breached but I will discuss this during our initial consultation.

Areas of Counselling I deal with

Anger management, Anxiety, Bereavement, Cancer, Depression, Family issues, Generalised anxiety disorder, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Redundancy, Separation and divorce, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Trauma, Work-related stress. etc.

Bereavement Work

My main area of speciality is bereavement. I worked as a volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Services from their Swansea Branch for 5+ years. I have worked extensively with clients from all backgrounds, ages and gender. I am very comfortable around grief work and feel very honoured every time when a client allows me the opportunity to share in their tears, loss, pain, anger, guilt, grief, sorrow, and sadness.

Grief comes in many forms and you do not have to experience a death to feel a sense of loss. You can feel a sense of loss when someone moves abroad, separation and even divorce and all that can happen when children and pets are involved. The sense of loss can just be as painful as if the person had died.

I never push any client to talk. I am very comfortable around silences. If you just want to cry or scream for an hour and not say a word then that is ok. I am here for you and you only. Our work is special and your well-being is my only concern. I can come to you if it makes life easier and talk about your loss, you can share stories, even show photos to try and lessen the burden of sorrow that you feel you cannot share with family and friends at this moment in time.

Sometimes when we suffer a loss we can feel all alone, have a sense of disbelief and even feel suicidal. So please don't feel that you cannot share these thoughts with me, especially suicidal. The dark road is not a road to take lightly. To feel there is no way out is such a burden and I can help you through those dark times, empathically, non-judgmentally to help lessen the load you carry on your shoulders.

You can access some valuable resources if you need help at any time. Just click the person after the name of the organisation.

Samaritans Mind Time to Change Papyrus The Lullaby Trust Cruse Bereavement Care Young Minds

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide NHS - How to Access Mental Health Services

I have never found any two bereavements the same. Every loss is different. I will work with people who have also lost pets. After all, they are family too. I have had cats, gerbils and chipmunks when I was growing up and each loss affected me differently, but the pain was there. I am now the proud owner of a Jack Russell called Joe and to lose him one day would be very difficult to face. So don't feel that you cannot share your sorrow over a much-loved animal whether it has four or even eight legs or even no fur. Loss affects us all in different ways. I am here for you and to support you through your loss whatever that loss may be.

You can also access Blue Cross For Pets for any advice and help on loss and separation issues whether through death, parting or enforced separation as they can all be a sad and difficult experience. Just click on the person

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Working With Bereavement

Sometimes during a bereavement, you may feel that the whole world is going to cave in on you, and you have a multitude of things going on in your life and you
just find it hard to cope. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is a forward-thinking process. It is about the things happening in your life right now that matter because no matter how hard we can try, we can never change what has happened. You might feel a sense of loss, even anger and you are unable to grieve because you have so many things going on. Your anxiety is through the roof. You feel that you are about to lose your mind, and have a nervous breakdown. You may feel like running away with your hands in the air screaming. We have coping mechanisms when we are stressed. Fight or Flight spring to mind? It is a mechanism that we have carried with us from very primitive times. Unfortunately! we now carry that mechanism with us into the modern age. Sometimes it is a good reaction to have. Someone screams "watch out" and we look and probably jump at the same time, but the person was shouting at someone else. Our fight or flight kicked in. Our fight or flight can kick in when a red-letter comes through the letterbox. The brain cannot tell the difference between a threat or not, so when your heart starts pumping at the sight of the letter your brain will fire off the amygdala and before you know it you are running for the hills.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy works by picking bits out of your stress bucket. Manageable chunks each week that you feel you can cope with. It may be to pay that bill, visit family, go to the grave or just get out of the house more. Avoidance is a coping mechanism that can sometimes help you deal with things, but when that avoidance becomes a serious problem then mental health issues can take hold. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is not about chucking you into the deep end. It is about giving you the opportunity with our work together to make changes in your life that will eventually make life more bearable and above all manageable so you do not run for the hills.

Grief will never go away, but the pain will become less over time. Anything can set-off a grief reaction. A letter through the door for the person who died, a Christmas card, even a walk along the beach. Some people will also share their "pearls" of wisdom around your loss because they think it will help you. Unfortunately! their loss is completely different to yours and although people sometimes mean well, they can also make it a lot worse with the wrong words. All they needed to say was 'I'm here for you'

And I'm here for you!

Counselling Services

I offer corporate discounts and concessions for senior citizens, students, NHS staff and those on ESA and JSA.
I offer half price sessions (£20) for those suffering or affected by cancer and discounted sessions (£25) for their family members.

Individual Sessions - £40 for 1 hour

For the time being, sessions are payable at the end by cash for which a receipt is given.

Cancellation Policy:

I would appreciate if you could let me know as soon as possible if you need to change your appointment on 07598 781 664 by text or leave a message.
Failure to not cancel, arrive late or not show up impacts upon my time and that of other clients, for these reasons I reserve the right to charge the full session fee.

  • I ask for 48 hours’ notice of cancellation.

If this is not possible, I reserve the right to make the following charges, to allow for my time and preparation, and to keep costs down for all clients:

  • Less than 48 hours notice given – half the session rate.
  • Less than 24 hours notice given / client fails to attend – full session rate.

I understand that sometimes there are circumstances above and beyond anyones control but a quick txt can sometimes make the difference.
I will afford you the same courtesy at all times.

I am a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counsellors & Psychotherapists)

I am fully insured, hold a relevant and up to date DBS certificate and ICO registered.

My counselling services do not fall under the register of the CNHC or the AfSFH