Weight Control

One of the most common factors to cause an individual to be overweight is their attitude towards food. It is not just a matter of choice but it is also a matter of conditioning from childhood through to adult life. How your mindset is towards food and eating can be the significant factor in you being prone to gaining weight and that is where hypnotherapy can help.

Under hypnosis, the subconscious can be allowed to change the patterns of behaviour that are causing you to emotionally/comfort eat. When we can understand why we eat the way we do we can get a better perspective on the role our mind plays in why we sometimes crave for food, even when we are not hungry.

Old behaviours and patterns from childhood can be updated so that we no longer comfort eat during times of stress. This can make the task of trying to manage our weight that much more difficult if the underlying problem has not been addressed. Using hypnosis will allow you to take back control of your life, change your shape and become a healthier you that you never thought possible by removing the underlying template and creating a new one.

Did you know?

Britain's yo-yo dieters will not only try 15 different weight loss plans over 30 years but, they'll spend £105,000 trying and failing to shape up as well. A new survey has revealed that 60 per cent of yo-yo dieters will try 10-20 diets in a lifetime. The 30-year sum of £105,000 breaks down to £3,500 a year or £30 a week on trying to lose weight. These dieters will spend £1,500 a year on fitness classes, gym gear and memberships to try and slim down.

The poll was published by the team behind the book The IntoTrim Plan: How to Keep the Weight Off Forever.

Author and dieting expert Natasha Hurst said: 'We all know that yo-yo dieting is bad for your health, but it appears from this study that it can and does have a disastrous effect on your wallet, too.'

'For most people, however, maintaining that weight loss once they do reach their goal weight can actually be achieved from a balanced diet alone and needn’t cost the earth.'

Take back control of your food; don’t let food take control of you!

A lot of reasons why people fail to maintain their ideal weight is their mindset is not focused. They have too many problems surrounding them and they are unable to stay focused and will relapse in times of stress and high anxiety. With solution-focused hypnotherapy, I can help you to maintain that focus. Dieting is not just about eating healthily, it is about eating the right amount of food to maintain your ideal / achieved body weight. We fail as dieters because we binge/comfort eat when our emotions run wild.

When you empty your stress bucket with the help of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy then that need to binge and comfort eat will not come back in times of stress, because problems have been addressed, solutions have been looked at and achieved and your bucket has been emptied.

I am not going to wave a magic wand and say that you will eat responsibly. I am not going to wave a magic wand and say you will know when you are full. By helping you release the stress in your stress bucket, you will begin to feel less inclined to binge in times of stress, because you will be able to cope admirably in stressful situations in the future, and as a result that need to comfort eat will go.

I look forward to helping you achieve your ideal weight goals.